Gardening & Handicraft

The course ”Gardening & Handicraft” is intended for those who wants to work with gardening in an inspiring way and for those who wants to explore the crafts and the arts and motions of gardening in a creative and healing environment. We construct a one-year vegetable and herb garden and work in groups in allotments situated in the schools own garden. We create and cultivate the spiritual and the physical garden – All in order to play, to heal, to learn and experience.

The ceramics programme 1-2 years training course.

Explore and develop your ability to express yourself in ceramic by testing how it feels to work with different clays and also by using different methods of firing. In order to develop your sense of form and artistic expression, sandwich training will be applied including both practical teaching and individual/group reports. Teachers and guest lecturers in the ceramics course are professional potters and experienced pedagogues. The ceramics programme will provide you with an excellent basis for further training in ceramics and help you find a rich life through working with clay.

Painting and sculpture

The student works with painting, sculptur and graphics in many different materials and we experiment with many different work procedures. We create our own exhibitions and make many educational field visits as well as a study and work trip in Europe. All of this will increase your possibility to develop a personal expression. The academic year of painting and sculptur is an excellent way of preparing yourself for further artistic education.

Woodcraft Training in woodwork and carpentry.

We start of the course by doing green woodworking, using e.g. knives and axes. Gradually we move on and start using machines and manufacture furniture in your own design. The second year of the course leaves room for your own projects.

General study programme Focusing on the arts – 1 – 3 years.

Do you for some reason or other lack general qualifications from upper secondary school? We provide the opportunity to study core subjects while at the same time working with the arts and handicrafts of your choice. Swedish, English, math, religion, social studies, history and science are studied two afternoons per week. Traditional lessons are mixed with discussion and assignments. Presentation is a combination of studying in groups and individual syllabuses, where the tutors help you to find your personal study form at the most suitable pace for you. We are continually on the look out for studies that are interesting for those of you who dream of a creative life – one which will influence the world we live in. The idea is that by studying with us you will be able to find the energy to make the most of yourself, discover you personal inclinations and abilities, enabling you to forge your own future.

Arts and handicraft

”Arts and handicraft” is the name of a very broad course in which you will explore many different crafts and art techniques. Painting, ceramics, textile, iron- and silver forging, woodcraft, drawing, sculpting, singing, mask making and in the spring a study-trip in a highly cultural european city. This course wishes to encourage you to develop as an artist and artisan by demonstrating a vast variety of materials and skills. ”Arts and handicraft” wants to give you the tools to evolve your own creativity and help guide you through artistic processes and at the same time expand your interest in the arts and crafts of the world, both historically and presently.

Ecological vegetarian cooking course


All courses are free of cost, however you pay for materials used in class and for a study-trip. For more information, please contact:
telephone nr: +46 158 230 58